QSC AD-C42T-WH AcousticDesign Ceiling Mount Speaker Pair new sbs


Highlights 40W Power Handling 70/100V Multitap Transformer Features The AD-C42 from QSC is a ceiling mount loudspeaker for background and general purpose audio playback. This speaker will fit all the AcousticDesign series of speaker with its aesthetic and sonic qualities. Each and every speaker is provided with a 4″ polypropylene cone woofer in a sealed enclosure to handles bass frequencies beneath 70Hz. The HF driving force is a co-axial, post mounter 0.75″ dome tweeter surrounded by cloth with a titanium diaphragm. Destructive interference frequently found in axisymmetric post fixed coaxial systems is diminished by striking the coaxial post center off center from the LF driving force. 40W continuous power handling with 160W peak Wide dispersion of one hundred° 70/100V multitap transformer with 8 ohms bypass


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