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ATTENTION: I WILL BE ON VACATION UNTIL FEB 6th 2018. IF YOU BUY THIS ITEM, IT WILL SHIP FEB 6TH MONDAY.The FCS 2×10 achieves a massive sound stage by combining 2 proprietary dynamic transducers in an array style format. The drivers are time aligned and in phase. Our proprietary voice coil technology moves air which creates bone induction. You’ll feel the sound – not just hear it. The result is a larger more visceral high-definition audio signature at less volume. Hey guys, Mike here. My primary business is a regional sound lighting and staging company in Cincinnati Oh. For the last 20 years, as a side passion, I’ve been a consultant to many national and regional acts providing in ear monitors and wireless systems. Here are a couple links if you’d like more background. I get an average a hundred earphones a year from companies all around the world wanting me to sell their product. I don’t see the good thing about stocking another product that sounds the same as another. That’s why my website presents a limited number of items. A large number of the samples are great but there’s one little thing that aggravates me about them. A little bit too much honk in the mid-range, high-end a bit too glassy, low end flappy and not tight, or overbearing, cable feels Mickey Mouse, you get my glide. Well I finally received one in mail that had potential. The original product I used to be mailed was designed for personal listening. Obviously, a stage earphone needs to handle a lot more SPL. We worked with the manufacturer to upgrade the drivers and tweak the filters to our desired spec. Our result is totally stage worthy. Okay, you’re waiting to hear why they’re so great. Many of you that have worked with me for years and know that whilst I stock the armature driver Shure, Westone IEMs, if you ask my opinion – I am a dynamic driver kinda guy. The two main dynamic earphone manufacturers I’ve partnered with through the years are the Future Sonics, and Aurisonics. The future Sonics G10 and its predecessor the Atrio use a single 10mm Dynamic driver. The Aurisonics Bravo Series and the entire new Fender line also use a single 10mm driver. The FCS 2X10 has a 10mm & an 8.2mm Dynamic. Why double the speakers? Sound guys; you know what happens to your sound when you double the FOH speakers or line arrays? It’s the same here. Yes, you’ll be able to get more volume but mainly, your sound gets larger and more full. You get more coverage with less gain. The two speakers add A large number of space and size to the sound. Your volume can stay the same but the sound just gets bigger. Every frequency is there and sounds correct. By correct, ever go to hear a band where you thought to yourself, “damn – that kick drum is bad ass?” or “How does that sound guy get the vocals out front like that?” All the above comes from the system being tuned and EQ-ed as it should be. The 2X10 IS TUNNED CORRECTLY. The shape of the earphone is very close to a custom mold. This helps with isolation and fit. It has a detachable cable which interchangeable with the Shure cables if you’d like to add phone capabilities to your 2X10. The 2X10 comes with a well-built oversized clam shell case which makes it easier to get the IEM put away and adds storage for tips etc. With all dynamic drivers, the seal or seating of the earphone in your ear canal is critical to getting 100% of the sound the earphone can produce. Included is a serious collection of tips to be certain of a proper fit. I didn’t put any money into a fancy retail package. These ears will go straight to the player’s ears (won’t be displayed on a music store shelf). My thought was to keep that eight dollars in your wallets. Freq City Sound Warranty: I’d like to take the worry out of you trying this product. If you don’t think it’s everything I’ve spelled out (sounds like an IEM costing twice as much), send it back within 14 days and I’ll refund. You pay shipping back to me. The product itself comes with a one year warranty. Color options are Cobalt (Blue) or Ruby (Red) or this sale, Red Right- Blue Left. Those of you that have been in a hurry to get your ears in on a dark stage will appreciate this one. · Sensitivity: 98±3dB · Frequency Response Range: 18Hz-20kHz · Model Number: FCS 2X10 · Sensitivity: 98dB · Input Impedance: 32Ω · Driver Type: Coupled Dynamic Drivers · Cord Length: 47” · One Year Warranty Hi Mike, Just thought I’d drop you a note on the FCS 2×10’s you sent me. I love them. I’ve spent a week listening to music out on my bike and in my studio. The 2X10 has prompted me to listen to A large number of music I’d forgotten about. They’re also very comfortable to wear. We’ve been listening to armature drivers for so long that we have forgotten what low end in the music should sound like. You have a great product in the 2×10. I consider you’re selling them far too cheap. I’ve been in touch with a couple of my Monitor buddies and told them about the product and where to get it. You should see their orders soon. Thanks again for turning me on to the 2X10. Nick Warren Northern Bloke Productions LTD _________________________________________________________________________ The 2×10’s turned up the other day, thanks for the fast delivery. I used to be so looking forward to trying these baby’s out after reading Mike’s review. Found a good song on my phone with plenty of bass and couldn’t consider my ears WOW! I’ve got a great pair of Yamaha Headphones that are great but the 2×10 just smoked them with clarity and depth. I play bass in a band and I ran them through my Rolls PM351 IEM Hardwired Amp and all I will say is these “in ears” are Fricken Awesome. I highly recommend them. John Wilkie, Nelson, New Zealand ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________ Mike, you were right about the 2X10 helping with our stage volume. I never touched the volume on my bass amp because I could hear it fine with the IEM. Vocals were crystal clear with plenty of presence. Our guitarist also used the 2X10. His volume was so low on stage that the others were asking for more guitar in their floor monitors…which is a first. The 2×10 earbuds had the bass and kick drum thumping. Very pleased – Thanks! Jimmy G. / Mr Zero Band________________________________________________________________ Hello Mike, Just thought I’d drop you a quick line re: the 2×10. I’ve had them for a few days and had a chance to give them a good listening to. (They’re a replacement for a pair of Westone UM-2’s which I got from you many moons ago). Firstly, WOW! Immediately you’ll be able to tell the difference from the Westone’s. (I’m running them out of a Fiio X3 via an iBasso D2-Boa). A much bigger and fuller sound. They’re smoother and refined but still more detailed and very much more dynamic with a good controlled grunt at the low end. For the price they’re an absolute bargain. Thanks for the extra tips too. I’m playing around to get the right fit for me but that’s just fine tuning. Many thanks for the recommendation, Cheers again, Jim Frost / Alford UK Mike. I have been playing the professional circuit since the late 70’s. Rock, metal, etc. I am now playing with some very talented individuals in an orchestra that plays Richard Clayderman and the like. I am the vocalist and Bass player. I play a fretless Jazz Bass. I have all the time played thru industry standard equipment including PA and wedges on stage. I am of the old school and I like my wedges but as a vocalist, in-ear systems have their place. I just sold an Aurisonics – ASGB. They had great bottom end but my current playing situation leans towards cutting and crisp vocals. I took your advice and bought the FCS2X10. I must say that I am very impressed Mike. The sound is balanced and full across the entire spectrum. That is no small accomplishment. Thank-you for everything Mike!


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