AN-1001X+ Unpowered Companion Speaker Monitor, Black, by Anchor Audio, AN-1001X+


Welcome to my eBay store FOLLOW US ON –> Feedback About Bookmark Contact The black AN-1001X+ Companion Speaker Monitor is an extremely versatile unpowered speaker. This system is easy to use, lightweight, and provides a powerful 107 dB of sound to fill the room with your voice. It is designed to project clear, intelligible speech for a bigger audience, and could also be great for music. It isn’t battery powered, and it will have to be connected to a powered speaker to run. The back panel has a line-in to be powered by an AN-1000X+, or other Anchor sound system. When any other AN-1000X+ is paired with this companion speaker, they are able to reach crowds of 500+ people. The AN-1001X+ can also be mounted on a stand, to the wall/ceiling, or placed on a shelf. Just plug it into the powered speaker, and you’re ready to go. It’s ideal for presentations and can also be added to an A/V rack setup. Use it as a studio monitor, install it in a trade show booth, or even place is in the Captain’s quarters on a US Navy warship to monitor activities in the intelligence room.FeaturesBlack AN-1001X+ Unpowered Companion Speaker MonitorCan be paired with an AN-1000X+ to succeed in 500+ or every other Anchor sound system107dB of Clear Sound4.5” Woofer and 10mm Dome TweeterMount on a stand, to the wall, or place on a shelfSKU: AN-1001X+


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